Personal Development Sessions (AD Workshops)

ADA’s Personal Development Sessions offer describers valuable networking opportunities as well as a chance to develop their expertise.  They are held 3-4 times per year, alternating between London and regional venues and focus on specific topics.

A typical half-day workshop includes a presentation by a specialist in the field (for example, choreographer, fight director, theatre designer, curator), contributions by experienced describers and audio description users, and group work followed by feedback.

Recent workshops have included:  Describing Dance; Fights; Set and Costume Design; Recording Introductions to Audio Described Performances and Audio Description for the Visual Arts.

Maximum number of participants: 12-20 (depending on topic and facilities required)

Fee:    £20 - £40 per participant (depending on room hire charges).  Membership discounts apply.

For further information, contact ADA’s training coordinator:

 -  Details on all Personal Development Sessions can be found on the latest edition of Note Pad. 

ADA's workshops are social, fun and insightful ways to develope and refresh skills and ideal as part of a Describers personal development programme.

  • ADA’s Personal Development Sessions on Promoting AD in November 2017 was insightful, details from the workshop will be published soon.

  • ADA’s Personal Development Sessions have included Describing Burlesque at the Grand Theatre Blackpool in 2017, this was a huge success, ADA worked with Millie Dollar, the Burlesque and Striptease performer who joined us to perform one of her routines and kindly allowed us to “freeze” her movements to discuss and include correct terminology to best describe her movements, the body language, facial expressions and wonderful outfits. A tantalising taste of true titillation!

There are filmed excerpts from this workshop available to ADA Members for a small cost.  Please contact Anne Hornsby, at for details.

  • The duscission on Recorded AD held at the September 2017 AGM was also popular, at the bottom of this page you will find an account of the event, there is also a link to our sound cloud account here members wishing to read more indepth information can go to the Resourses section and look in the Reports option.

Remember ADA’s Personal Development Sessions are a valuable asset to all members not just to refresh or developed skills but also to network. Why not join us at the next session and see for yourself, o fyou have a suggestion for a future workshop why not submit it to the Execitive Commitee.

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