From time to time, The Audio Description Association publishes useful guides and booklets. 

These are listed below together with a brief description.  Audio describers have found them invaluable. You can buy our publications online or use the order form below. To obtain membership discount, members ordering on online should make sure they are logged in.

Download files:

TALKING DANCE:  the audio describer’s guide to dance in theatre

Written by one of the UK's most versatile describers, this user-friendly guide is based on 15 years' experience of describing dance in the theatre - from straight plays, with a dance as part of the narrative, to musicals, where dance is integral to the performance.… Read More

WALKWAY: the audio describer’s guide to getting characters from A to B

Add variety and precision to your description with this word-finder.  It lists over 1000 verbs that imply motion (or lack of it) and categorises them by direction, speed, mood and effort.  It also includes a section on crowd movements, and tips on using verbs… Read More

WORDWISE:  the audio describer’s guide to language

Aimed primarily at theatre describers, this example-packed introduction to the language of audio description covers style, structure and vocabulary and focuses on two challenging areas: conveying facial expression and handling dramatic illusion. Wordwise:  the audio describer's guide to language by Mary Plackett and… Read More