ADA workshops archive 2011 - 2017

Here you will find details of ADA’s workshops, from advertisements in the e-magazine and newsletters to detailed reports and accounts of the events.
2012 - 2017

For additional workshop materials please look at the latest Note Pad for details.

ADA has provided workshops since's its creation, as with most rescources of an age, methods of contact and electronic links are refreshed and changed, with this in mind ADA is aware that some of the contacts, websites and links which were correct at the time of the original article being published may no longer work, as best as possible any updates have been posted on the page linked with that year's edition. 

If a link is no longer available please contact ADA for details

The following are located in ADA’s e newsletter and Archive.

On the Message Board page
Item 1 Talking Art Workshop, bookings open.
Item 7 A housekeeping round up on handouts from Talking Art Workshop.
Item 8, 11 Talking Dress Workshop.
Item 15 Fighting Talk Workshop 1 and 2.
Item 18 AGM reminder, agenda and details on the presentations. Why, what and Where on Audio Description, Dog Exercises and free fall.

On the Notice Board page
Item 20 Fight Description Workshop Booking and details.
Item 23 Workshop Announcement Spreading the Word, on recording and editing introductions.
Item 25 Spreading the Word Workshop, details and booking.
Item 28 Workshop Announcement Talking Art.

On the Note Pad Page
Item 32 Talking Art Workshop 2.
Item 35, 36, 38, 58 Describing Pantomime and Farce.
Item 49 Song and Spectacle.
Item 60, 63 Talk Dress Workshop.
Item 71, 76 Setting the Scene Workshop
Item 79 Laughter Lines Making AD funny – NOT ADA
Item 82, 88 Workshop Listening to the Listeners.

Item 187, 188 Workshop Describing Shakespeare and Restoration Comedy.
Item 218 Workshop on Recorded Audio Description for Theatres, Museums and Galleries.
Item 223 Workshop on Promoting AD Services,