Items 236 - 252 of NOTE PAD ADA’s e-newsletter 2018

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Download files:

  • Download: Items 236 - 242 (pdf - 146 KB)
    Item 236 ADA Workshop, Technology in delivering Audio Description. Item 237 Sensing Cultural Symposium, Founding a community of practice. Item 238 Workshop Castle Project for Describers and Captioners. Item 239 Clear Voice. Item 240 Integrated Audio Description for Dance. Item 241 Note Pad archive and index. Item 242 Schools seeks speaker for Disability Awareness Week.
  • Download: Items 243 - 246 (pdf - 164 KB)
    Item 243 The technology workshop and booking details. Item 244 The Dangers of taking a blind friend to see Fifty Shades of Grey. Item 245 Up n Under tour featuring integrated audio description. Item 246 American Council for the Blind Certification for describers.
  • Download: Item 246 American Council for the Blind Certification for describers article. (pdf - 248 KB)
  • Download: Items 247 - 255 (pdf - 206 KB)
    Item 247 Ofcom consultation on accessibility of video on demand (VOD) services, Item 248 Mind’s Eye wins Manchester Theatre Award, Item 249 VocalEyes launches second survey of museum websites, Item 250 Our Country’s Good tour features integrated audio description, Item 251 Sightlines describes its first relaxed ballet, Item 252 Calling Equity members!