Item 165 to 235 of Note Pad ADA’s e-newsletter. 2016 - 2017

Welcome to back issues of Note Pad for 2016 to 2017.

Note Pad is the new name for the Audio Description Associations e-newsletter which goes to all ADA members.

Please note contact details in these editions may have changed with the passage of time since first published.

For Describers looking in to Equity membership or the model contract as of 2017 please email or for details.

Download files:

  • Download: (Items 165 to 167) Note Pad January 2016 (pdf - 320 KB)
    Item 165 ADA Conference Growing Audience’s for Audio Description, Item 166 Recording Shows for AD, Performers Alliance waivers copyright restrictions, Item 167 Audio Description Project Training Event.
  • Download: (Items 168 to 175) Note Pad February to March 2016 (pdf - 457 KB)
    Item 168 ADA Conference Growing Audience’s for Audio Description, Item 169 Shrek the Musical meets MobileConnect App, Item 170 Can a blind person audio describe art?, Item 171 Recorded audio description for live performances, Item 172 New Website for ADA Scotland, Item 173 Training staff at Museums, Galleries and Heritage Sites, Item 174 New Book on Audio Description Louise Fryers Guide to AD, Item 175 International Symposium on Accessibility Live Events.
  • Download: (Items 176 to 180) Note Pad May 2016 (pdf - 306 KB)
    Item 176 ADA Workshop Suite the word workshop describing Shakespeare and Period Drama. Item 177 Subscriptions, Item 178 Round up from Disability Arts Online for ADA’s Conference Growing Audiences for Audio Description. Item 179 Equity Approved Model Contract, Item 180 Arts Funding Prize for Museum of the Year 2016.
  • Download: (Items 181 to 186) Note Pad June 2016 (docx - 28 KB)
    Item 181 Notes On Blindness. Item 182 Audio description – the art of access – London Workshop 21st October 10 AM. Item 183 Whitechapel art gallery – Audio description tours. Item 184 ADA 2016 AGM and Workshop. Item 185 Fashion Statement – ADA Scotland introduces Audio describer gilets. Item 186 Equity Contract update.
  • Download: (Items 187 to 191) Note Pad August 2016 (pdf - 311 KB)
    Item 187 AGM and Workshop Describing Shakespeare and Restoration Comedy, Item 188 details of the Workshop Describing Shakespeare and Restoration Comedy to mark the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death, Item 189 Announcement and Obituary of Pat Collcutt, Item 190 Audio Description in Museums, Exploring Practitioner Views. Item 191 Equity Approved Model Contract and ADA Conference Report.
  • Download: (Item 192) Note Pad October 2016 (pdf - 147 KB)
    Item 192 – Growing audiences for audio description – Conference Report.
  • Download: Growing Audiences Final Document as mentioned in October 2016's edition of Note Pad. (pdf - 2 MB)
  • Download: (Items 193 to 197) Note Pad December 2016 (pdf - 401 KB)
    Item 193 RNIB Sensing Culture Project, Item 194 VocalEyes state of Museums Report 2016, Item 195 ADLAB PRO- Project focusing on film, Item 196 Accessible Screenings UK new website, Item 197 Seasons Greetings.
  • Download: (Items 198 to 203) Note Pad February 2017 (pdf - 421 KB)
    Item 198 Audio Description in Museums, Galleries and Heritage Sites, Item 199 Bridging the Gaps, links between Art and AD by Shape Arts, Item 200 Questionnaire for describers working in Film and TV, Item 201 Broadway Hit Hamilton sued over services to VI patrons, Item 202 VI volunteers for a listening test, Item 203 Derby Audio Describers what’s on.
  • Download: (Item 204 to 209) Note Pad May 2017 (pdf - 404 KB)
    Item 204 – Workshop on describing Burlesque in Blackpool. Item 205 – Date for your diary. Item 206 – 2017/2018 – Membership subscriptions now due. Item 207 – Shape Arts – Audio description Symposium at Tate Exchange. Item 208 – Sennheiser Mobile connect app for theatre AD, Item 209 RNIB and Action Merge .
  • Download: (Items 210 to 2016) Note Pad August 2017 (pdf - 322 KB)
    Item 210 and 211 ADAs 2017 AGM and Elections to ADAs Executive Committee. Item 212 Details relating to the talk being give at the AGM entitled Recorded Audio Description for Theatre and the Visual Arts. Item 213 An American Council of the Blind article relating to the Total Eclipse. Item 214 ADLAB PRO Research Questionnaire for Describers. Item 215 Whats On Where. Vocaleyes list AD events nationwide. Item 216 Sennheiser MobileConnect App.
  • Download: (Item 217) Note Pad August 2017 Paula’s Snowdon challenge! (pdf - 179 KB)
    Item 217 - Paula Suchy is in peak condition as she prepares to tackle the slopes of Snowdon next month to raise funds for two charities – the Audio Description Association and her local Milton Keynes Reader Service.
  • Download: (Items 218 to 220) Note Pad September 2017 (pdf - 184 KB)
    Item 218 Workshop on Recorded Audio Description for Theatres, Museums and Galleries, Item 219 Motion Picture Solutions seek VI editors, item 220 Paula’s Snowdon Challenge.
  • Download: (Item 221) Note Pad September 2017 (2) (pdf - 132 KB)
    Item 221 Accessible Filmmaking, sound Design and Binaural Audio – Event in London.
  • Download: (Item 222) Note Pad September 2017 (3) (pdf - 134 KB)
    Item 222 Paula’s Snowdon Challenge is complete plus the story of the event from Paula..
  • Download: (Items 223 to 227) Note Pad November 2017 (pdf - 206 KB)
    Item 223 Workshop on Promoting AD Services, Item 224 Brewing in the Basement – promotion of an event “The Touretteshero Project” Item 225 American Council for the Blind Press Release The Benefits of AD in education, Review Film and Video, Item 226 Equity Approved Model Contract, Item 227 Report on Recorded AD at the New Worlsey Theatre, Ipswich.
  • Download: (Item 226) The Equity Approved Model Contract. (pdf - 42 KB)
  • Download: (Item 227) The Report on Recorded AD at the New Worlsey Theatre, Ipswich. (pdf - 2 MB)
  • Download: (Items 228 to 235) Note Pad December 2017 (pdf - 315 KB)
    Item 228 Workshop on technology in delivering live AD, Item 229 ADA's Conference CD Recordings are available free, Item 230 MindsEye Celebrates 25 Years, Item 231 VocalEyes seek description users and ambassadors, Item 232 Disability Arts Online features integrated AD, Item 233 Georgie Morrell and A Poke in the Eye on tour, Item 234 CASTLE Project workshops, Item 235 Christmas Post.