We welcome individual audio describers, theatre managements, producing companies, users of audio description and anybody involved in the field as members.

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Joining ADA (individual membership)

The prime benefit of being a member is the opportunity to network with other audio describers, service providers and users across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You are more than welcome to join us if you live in Scotland, although we would suggest you view ADA Scotland before hand, ADA Scotland cover audio description for Scotland.

Members also have access to our workshops and publications at a reduced rate. To join the Audio Description Association please download the indervidual membership subscription form below, if you are able to scan and send your form please do so to Jo Myers at  if you would like to post your form simply email Jo and request the postal address. 

The cost of a 12 month subscription is £20 each year for sighted members, £10 for blind or partially sighted members. 

Anyone wishing to discuss membeship can email Jo Myers or complete the application form selecting this option and a member of our team will be in touch by phone.


Joining ADA (corporate membership)

For venues and companies, the attraction of joining ADA is the direct link from our venues page to the access pages of your website, which both raises your profile and promotes your services.

You also have access to ADA's newsletter and other resources in our member's section, and to emailed advice and support on running an audio description service.  You can send a representative to ADA meetings, and explore a range of opportunities to share news and views, including retweeting of your access tweets if you follow us.

The cost of a 12 month corporate subscription is £50, due on 1st April each year.

To join the Audio Description Association as a corporate member, please contact to be invoiced for payment of your subscription.

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