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The Audio Description Association (ADA) is a registered charity.  It was set up in 1999 to meet the growing demand for a national organisation to promote and support audio description.

ADA offer training and support for describers, advises venues and liaises with users.  Our accredited courses for stage and screen describers have led to the establishment of the Certificate in Audio Description Skills, which is the nationally recognised qualification for describers in the United Kingdom.

ADA also offer a range of networking and information sharing opportunities. 

  • A newsletter is available to members only, but our e-bulletin, Note Pad, is available worldwide. 
  • Workshops are valued for the chance they offer to network with other describers and users, as well as for their training content.
  • Publications provide grassroots-level advice on audio description techniques

The website is a resource for the whole of the audio description community whether users, providers or practitioners – and for anyone researching or generally interested in audio description.