The Audio Description Association (ADA) works to raise the standard and profile of audio description nationwide, supporting audio describers and facilitating a quality service for blind and partially sighted people.

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If you are interested in joining the association,  click Where Can I Buy Alprazolam Codto go to the join us page.

Latest Updates

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This edition of Note pad includes: Bookings for the AGM in September, held at Reform Club, London, from 11.45 am. All Members are welcome, see item 296 for details. In addition to the AGM there is a post AGM double bill starting with The Long View, a…

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Greetings, if you're not signed up to recieving Note Pad direct to your inbox, here's another chance to catch up and book for the Personal Development Session on 22nd July. Save the date for the AGM for 23rd September, come along and take…

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Derby Theatre (formerly Derby Playhouse) 15 Theatre Walk, St Peter’s Quarter, Derby DE1 2NF Directions Monday 22 July 2019

Title Reinventing Audio Description: The Rationale Method Date Monday 22 July 2019 Time 2.15-4.15pm (doors open 2.00pm) Booking fees £25 (ADA members)  £35 (non-members) includes coffee/tea Audience Audio Describers, Users, Venue Staff, Dance and Movement Specialists. Venue Derby Theatre (formerly Derby Playhouse) 15 Theatre Walk,…

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